Top Ten Cigarette Brands Preferred by Celebrities

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Top Ten Cigarette Brands – By celebrities

Top ten Cigarette brands : Cigarette brands are one of the most searched topics across the world. The Top Ten cigarette brands in the world contain the list of most used and demandable brands that people preferred. Below is the list of top ten cigarette brands that one should prefer-cigarette brands celebs

Cigarette Brand List

1. Marlboro-cigarette brands marlboro
Top ten Cigarette brand : The most popular cigarette brands which are also one of the best selling cigarette brands in all parts of the world. Marlboro is also emerged s the best selling cigarette brands. The list of popular brands is topped by the Marlboro. Best cigarette brands Marlboro hs captured the European, African, and Asian market.
• It is known to be manufactured by Philip Morris. It remains as the best selling cigarette all over the countries.
• In the initial days, it is known as a feminine cigarette brand but soon become popular for the masculine brand also.
• No smoker can deny the fact that it is No. 1 cigarette across the world.

2. Davidoff –

Cigarettes Brand Davidoff
Top ten Cigarette brand : This brand is popularly known as the classy brand which provides the best cigarettes and it is quite costly also. This tobacco is made in a limited amount and the taste of this brand cannot compete with any other brand.• The different flavors provided by this brand cigarettes are classic, menthol, slims, and mild flavor. This is the second best-selling cigarette brands all over the world.

3. Camel-cigarette brands camel
Top ten Cigarette brand : This brand is manufactured by RJ Reynolds tobacco and it came into existence in the year 1913. The name of this brand is taken from the animal name. It is also one of the best selling cigarettes due to its low-cost price.

• The Camel brand is easily available at any stores and customers easily afford this brand as it is not very costly.
• This Best brands cigarette have a smoothing taste which makes it different from others cigarette.
• Best cigarette in the world has different blend flavors which makes it every smoker favorite.

Cigarette brands list in details

4. Newport-cigarette brands Newport
Top ten Cigarette brand : This another brand of cigarette is announced in the year 1950 by the RJ Reynolds tobacco. This is the American brand cigarette which becomes soon popular as the announcement is done
• This is loved by the smoker due to its menthol flavor which makes the day of the smoker.
• The United States people preferred Marlboro is the first choice and secondly, Newport is coming behind this brand.

5. Parliament-cigarette brands Parliament
Top ten Cigarette brand : Parliament brand is finally introduced to the world in the year 1931. This is the first brand of America which focused mainly on the quality over quantity.
• There was a survey according to which Parliament brand is the first choice of African American people.
• According to the costumes, there is no better brand in providing the best taste in menthol flavor.

6. Kent-cigarette brands kent
 Kent cigarettes are popular around the world because they provide less amount of tar in the cigarette. Cigarettes brands in the country especially focused on providing the different flavors of cigarette which is continuously getting popular across the world.
• The Kent brand owner name was named by Herbert Kent. The manufacturer of this brand is called RJ Reynolds.
• Lorillard Tobacco Company was the primary owner of Kent Cigarettes which is the primary owner since 1952.

7. Lucky Strikecigarette brands lucky strike
 It is another type of cigarette brand which is quite popular. This brand of cigarette is quite unique as it contains lower nicotine content.
• The uniqueness is the reason behind the success of this brand.
• It came into existence in the year 1871 and it can be found at any shop around the world.

Best Cigarette brands

8. Pall Mall-cigarette brands Pall Mall
This brand of cigarettes was announced in the year 1891. This brand is named in the starting brands which gets popular. Since this is the oldest cigarette brand and competing with other brands.
• This cigarette brand is also owned by RJ Reynolds company.

9. Chesterfield-cigarette brands chesterfield
The best taste cigarettes brand which is popular cigarettes brand all over the world. The costumer choice for this brand is increasing day by day.
• The brand is named after Chesterfield county in the states of Virginia in the United States.
• Chesterfield is one of the cigarette brands that is based on both moral and the working people.

10. Cigaronne-cigarette brands Cigaronne
These cigarette brands are popular among the youth and the demand for this brand is increasing day by day. The brand gets developed in the year 1999.
• The brand is named after the name of the scientist.
• Cigaronne is one of the cigarette brands that is based on providing a different taste and for the working people.

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