Priya Runchal Age, Wiki, Biography, Images John Abraham Family Background

Priya Runchal has been in news around because she was married to John Abraham the famous Indian actor. Priya Runchal Wikipedia belongs to a very rich family and a profession, she is working as a financial advisor as well as-as investment banker. Priya Runchal Biodata tells that she comes from a very rich family but she is an independent woman. Priyanka Runchal birth date 4 August and brought up in Los Angeles where she completed her study and start working as an investment banker in a very big firm Los Angeles. Currently, she is staying in Mumbai and working for a Mumbai based firm.

Priya Runchal Wiki Biography Age Images John Abraham

Priya Runchal Wiki

Priya completed her studies from Los Angeles in the university. Priyanka Runchal age is about 30 years ago. Priya  came from a very good family so she does not have to work hard but in spite of all the speculations, she made her career in investment banking. She was a dog lover and just love the animals as a hobby. Priyanka Runchal John Abraham marriage was one of the big news around the industry. Her and John Abraham meeting was in the gym. John Abraham met Priya in the gym when he was dating Bipasha Basu. Priya Runchal family background mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers details are hidden because they don’t want to get into fame.

The couple was good friends but after the breakup of John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, their friendship changes into love. Priya family were present at the time of marriage and their marriage happens in a very secret place where only the family members and the closest guest were present.

Priya Runchal Wiki Biography Age Images John Abraham

Priya Runchal John Abraham marriage

When John Abraham got to break up with Bipasha Basu then he used to go to gym with Priya. Priya Runchal and John Abraham were good friends then they started dating each other. They slowly fall in love with each other and decided to get married in a very secret occasion. Priya and John Abraham are living a very happy life and they also have a kid. As you all know John Abraham is so very cute Indian actor who just loves the animals.

Priya Runchal John Abraham got married in 2010. in an interview, John said that Priya is a wonderful human being and a good supporter of his ups and downs. John said Priya was always at her backside when he used to fall ill.

Investment banker Priya Runchal Career

After completing her studies in Los Angeles she got into a top based MNC and Govt as an investment banker. After years of working in tech form, she was transferred to a Mumbai based firm. Priya and John Abraham meeting have created a purse around the media and news industry. There’s a lot of controversies after the John Abraham and Bipasha Basu break up that people thought that it is a new relationship. But their friendship turns into love and they entered as a good husband and wife.

Priya Runchal Wiki Biography Age Images John Abraham

Priya Runchal Personal Life

As the girl was in business for a long time so people are very curious to know about Priya Runchal interview. She was very into the type of girl but people used to search like Priya Runchal marriage and John Abraham wife details. There was a big controversy happen between parents and John Abraham but very fewer people knows about that. We are going to discuss that controversy re just read the full paragraph for that complete details.

Priya Runchal Wiki Biography Age Images John Abraham

Priya Runchal John Abraham photos

A famous couple in Bollywood town always used to catch up at different cafes. Priya and John Abraham hot images and videos of her can be found on different websites. we have already discussed Runchal history as well as Priya Runchal age gap between husband and her. marriage pics of John Abraham and Priya Runchal are available on our site is going through the site to see beautiful pics. Priya Runchal Facebook, Priya Runchal Instagram, Priya Runchal Twitter contains all the latest pics of Priya.

Both the couple remain active on their social media accounts and reply their messages whenever they get time. The kind hearted couple are living a beautiful life. The best thing about this couple is that they have genuine behaviour towards other people.

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Priya Runchal Wiki Biography John Abraham

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